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The mission of the Reverse Mortgage Critic is to provide those considering a reverse mortgage for themselves or someone else with the good, the bad, and the ugly side of reverse mortgages so they are able to make a well-informed and confident decision, and to help guard against the many problems now inherent in the reverse mortgage.

The Reverse Mortgage Critic is the only true source available for unbiased, revealing, straight talk about reverse mortgages. How can I make this claim?

Reverse Mortgage Critic and Lyn R. Link are not lenders and are not associated with any lender, business or professional.

Reverse Mortgage Critic does not accept advertising or sponsors in any way, shape or form. If you are looking for licensed lenders, note that we do not endorse any company specifically. We recommend consumers browse reference sites that feature only licensed reverse mortgage lenders. Here are two sites that does just that. Reverse Mortgage Critic does not sell your information to anyone. (Unfortunately, there are many websites that provide limited information or a calculator to simply collect your information so it may be sold to lenders or others.)

Reverse Mortgage Critic and Lyn have NO back-end agenda such as consulting or financial services. The Reverse Mortgage Critic's sole support comes from the sale of its first-of-its-kind tell-all book "Reverse Mortgages: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly."

  • How to Deal With the High Cost
  • Why You Shouldn’t Finance The Closing Costs
  • Beware of Out-of-Pocket Costs
  • Counseling: Whether You Like it or Not
  • They Giveth and They Taketh Away
  • Why The Fixed Rate is Less Suitable for Most
  • How to Be Prepared for The Reverse Mortgage Journey™
  • How The Appraisal Can Make You a Big Loser
  • Avoid The Mine Field of Problems From Required Repairs
  • Don’t Let The Reverse Mortgage Make You a Target
  • Avoid Being Turned Down for a Reverse Mortgage
  • Why Lenders Can Refuse to Extend Additional Credit To You
  • Complicated and Confusing: What to Do About It
  • Don’t Fall for the Bogus Line of Credit Claims
  • How Ongoing Misconceptions Can Hurt You
  • 22 More Bad Things You Must Know

Lyn R. Link has dedicated over 23 years of his life to helping senior adults realize financial peace of mind with a reverse mortgage.

In 1988, Lyn had a prominent career as an executive vice president with one of the largest home health care agencies in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area. While searching for a way to help seniors struggling to afford in-home health care, he decided to attend one of the first meetings by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for their new reverse mortgage pilot program. Recognizing the potential this program could have in making a real difference in the lives of seniors, Lyn left his position with the agency and took off on an uncertain but promising future with reverse mortgages.

Since that time Lyn has had the good fortune to help upwards of a thousand seniors with a reverse mortgage.

In the early 90's Lyn moved back home to Norman, Oklahoma to be the first to bring reverse mortgages to seniors in Oklahoma, Arkansas, southern Missouri and Kansas. Lyn wrote some of the first training manuals ever used in the reverse mortgage industry, and had countless articles published in prominent newspapers nationwide. He has been featured in major metropolitan newspapers such as the Daily Oklahoman, Tulsa World, and Arkansas Gazette, and has appeared on numerous TV and radio talk shows.

After working with some of the largest reverse mortgage lenders in the industry, Lyn decided in 2004 to use his experience to found the National Reverse Mortgage Education Center (NRMEC). He wrote one of the most widely-used marketing manuals in the industry along with a number of other papers, surveys, and reports.